Residential glass maintenance

Glass Maintenance and Repairs

First impressions say a lot, so we make sure the entrance to your home or business gives those approaching a good representation of what is on the inside! Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency glass repair, our experts will have your building back in shape in no time.

Some common problems are caused by simpler wear and tear:
  • Door slamming or dragging
  • Broken glass
  • Gaps around doors and glass
  • Rotting frames
  • Failed insulation
  • Broken seals
Whether glass has shifted/broken, or your hardware is worn out, we are here to help!

Emergency Service

Many times the only solution is to board up the opening to secure your building until the proper materials/glass can be installed. This gives us the opportunity to assist you in making the final plan for repairs during our normal hours of operation. 


Let's face it, nothing is abused on buildings more than the doors. At Eagle Glass we provide quality, time efficiency and affordability when assessing the needs of your entrance to get you back up and "swinging" in no time!

With years of experience we specialize in repairing:
  • Custom entrances
  • Sliding glass
  • Aluminum and glass swing doors
  • Locks and handles
  • Automatic and manual entries
  • And much more!


Our team of glass techs are efficient in diagnosing your problem and comes up with a solution at a price you are happy with. Whether your glass has broken, shifted, or just needs to be replaced with more energy efficient option, we are here to help provide quality work in a reasonable time frame. We handle glass with class.


Over time, your doors and exteriors can take a beating from weather and use. This can lead to insulation, sealants and caulk deteriorating leaving your building subject to leaks and high energy bill. Our glaziers can identify the problem and provide a solution to keep elements on the exterior of your building!
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